Read the Job Description aloud three times. Prepare two examples of each skill required. Listen to yourself - are your answers "on point" and concise; if not, work on them. If you can't convince yourself ...

Research the company. Know their major product lines and read their last few press/earnings releases and if possible, insert your knowledge at the appropriate time

                             HOW TO GET HIRED
All hiring managers share one thing in common: they have a problem. Identify that problem, convince the hiring manager that you can solve that problem and you will receive an offer every time you interview. Force yourself to identify this question midway during the interview: what is the hiring manager’s main problem and, if you wish to receive
an offer, convince the hiring manager that you can solve their problem and show that hiring manager how your experience and education are the answer to their problem.  

• Can you estimate, by percentages, the five areas where the
  person who takes this position will allocate the greatest 
  proportion of their time?
• What types of special projects had the holder of this
  position done in the past?
• What is the most urgent/first problem facing this person?
• During Year One, what will be the most important problem
  that this person will be expected to face?
• What are the common traits/elements of successful
  employees of the company?
• With whom will the employee interface/communicate inside 
  and outside the company?
• Please tell me about your experience with the company? In 
  what areas have your expectations been exceeded and in
  what areas have they fallen short?
• Why is this position open?
• What changes would you like to see if the way in which the 
  last employee handled this position?
• Twelve months from now, when doing a review, what will be
   the three most important criteria that the employee will be
   evaluated on?


• Tell me about yourself? ( I hate this question. Ask a follow 
  up question “what area would you like to know more about –  education, career, accomplishments or interests, etc?)
• Why should we hire you?
• What skills do you think are necessary for success in this
• As a supervisor or manager, what area do you find most
• Why are you looking to make a change? You will be asked
  this question about your most current two or three  
  positions. Need for challenge, greater opportunity, etc are  
  so stereotyped and must be supported by very specific
  details. This question must also be answered simply in no
  more than two sentences. It is a good idea to practice
  these answers aloud until you are satisfied that they “flow”  
  and express your feelings accurately. This is a “knock-out
• In your last three positions, can you identify three
  accomplishments for each position? How did you complete
  these tasks?
• How do you handle deadlines or pressure?
• Why do you want to work for our company?
• What did you not like in your last/current position?












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